sabato 31 maggio 2008

Expedition Update: 31.05.2008

SMS from Francesco 31.08.2008 20.02 GMT

We stopped at Big Sand to have lunch but this became a definitive stop to repair my seat. 22km with fog and headwind, position:N57^44.218' - W05^46.124'. We met albatros, skua and fulmars. Tomorrow morning an early start at 4 o'clock to try to do more miles Cazzu iu! (typical Sicilian exclamation, more or less "shit" ;-) )-)

Sosta per pranzare a Big Sand diventata fine tappa per riparare il mio sedile. 22 km tra nebbia e vento contrario, posizione N57^44.218' - W05^46.124'. Incontrati albatros, skua e fulmari. Domani sveglia alle 4 per recuperare Cazzu iu!

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Jen Kleck ha detto...

I am very happy to hear that the expedition is going well and everyone seems to be having fun! It was great to kayak with all of you in Bibione, and I hope we'll see each other again - maybe in Wales!
Jen Kleck
San Diego, CA USA

Maurizio ha detto...

Hi Jennifer!! it's a pleasure and a honour to see you blogging here! In Bibione we had great fun paddling with you! It's been a really interesting experience wich i hope to repeat soon.
Thank you for your kind post.

Douglas Wilcox ha detto...

Hello Guys glad to hear of your progress. I think your albatrosses migh br gannets.We saw hundreds of thousands out on St Kilda.


Francesco ha detto...

Hi Duglas, probably the albatross was a young gunnet??? Thanks