venerdì 23 maggio 2008

Expedition Update: 22.05.2008

SMS from Tatiana 22.05.2008 18.33 GMT

We are on the Isle of Mull at Port Nan Crullach 56^22.491' N - 5^41.69' S, today we paddled 26km and we met for the first time a tidal race. We placed the camp on a grass, everything is fine: the sun is shining, wind from the south and few midges.

Siamo sull'isola di Mull a Port Nan Crullach 56^22.491' N - 5^41.69' S, abbiamo fatto oggi 26 km e il nostro primo incontro con una tidal race. Campo su prato, sole, vento da sud e pochi midges.

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Douglas Wilcox ha detto...

Glad to hear you are on Mull. There is some great paddling ahead. Did you like the Carsaig Arches?


gravità zero ha detto...

Grandi Pagaiate e pagaiate e pagaiate eeeeeeeeeee divetitevi
Max e Nanni